I Want to Log your Land

Trade That's Free

The Atom

Prison Industry

Acid Rain

I'm Dreaming of a White Work Force

Dangers of the Right

Healthcare Hotel

My Country isn't Free

This Land is OUR Land

I Love My Mine

Live Work, Live Work

You can't Always Grow What You Want

Down in the Schoolyard

Star Spangled Dollar

The Broker

USA Decay home
Play Washington Monopoly!

Star Spangled Dollar

music: Francis Scott Key
lyrics: Jamie Ben-Azay
vocals: Samsara

Oh say can you see

Why you should vote for me

I've so proudly been bought

By most big corporations

There's the oil company, and the military

And the World Bank's plan

For global domination

Industrialism's red glare

Right wing billboards in the air

Gave proof to the rich

A master plan was still there

Oh say does the partnership of media and industry

Make my place in the polls And a rich man of me